Writing reports and papers in LaTeX

I found this document is quite useful. As it highlights how to write a report or paper in LaTeX.

Note: This would probably be equally applicable to Physics. It is here as I have other links to LaTeX here. So just keeping to some sort of convention.

Another related article :slight_smile:


Referencing and CItations


Here is a post that is somewhat related from my blog. It covers how to generate nice looking rich PDFs from markdown. The template I use is geared towards scientific papers too.

Sometimes doing this in pure LaTeX is just easier, however perhaps it is more about the future, being plain text it will be readable for decades to come as plain text is well documented open standard. So in this way both LaTeX and Markdown are nicely future proof.

Very important in the future as historical science documents need to be read and cited from.

We still cite Issac Newton’s Publications, even though they were written in 1600s.


the thing i like about the markdown approach is two fold:

  1. it can be compiled into a latex driven pdf file and the template can have all the power of latex, but you can also compile it in any other format that markdown supports, which is more than what latex supports generally.

  2. you can still add latex into the document if you wish and therefore have full control. Not to mention edit the template.