What is a good mastodon instance looks like?

Before I start to write this. I went to my post to look. It’s more than half a year since I become a member here. I register the account before November 2019. Start to post words on Nov7th 2019.

After I knew mastodon. I was attracted by the 500 words limit. I was thinking wow. Compare to twitter. 500 limits can say a lot of things. I believe most people heard of Mastodon. Social here. In the beginning. I found MS blocked Pawoo’s media function. It means all the picture include profile picture cannot see from MS. I knew Pawoo because there have a lot of Chinese users.

When I start to search [ the most less censorship mastodon instance]. I found QOTO at Reddit. That guy said no censorship at QOTO, you can talk anything you want. I was happy that I finally find an instance I want to join.

After I register, I kept quiet for a least half month. Trying to figure out what kind of instance QOTO is.

There is one day. I saw @Surasanji(our former moderator) posted something . and I said hi to him. He was very nice to me. We chat a little bit.

And then I meet @design_RG, who was very friendly and like cat a lot. When I start to post stuff. Have no one reply or interact with me. @design_RG reply most of it. He is one of the reasons I still post stuff at QOTO. encourage me a lot. Thank you!

@freemo told me I can post any language I want to. and gave me likes of my post. Sometimes when my post got a boost from him. That’s the time I felt like there are a lot of people out there.

A good instance in my view is that users here are trying to connect to each other, it’s good if they have something in common. I think that why our theme is STEM. There is one instance I remember very clear called best-friends.chat. they make their instance like a chatroom. They barely reply at the bottom. Instead they just sent their post at the local timeline. As a reply to someone. I’m not saying I like their way to post. But I feel like they connect to each other.

A good instance in my view is that be very careful to block instance or user. If the creator of the instance decides what their user what to see. That’s a dictatorship.

A good instance in my view needs its users to work together to create a good atmosphere. If there is someone nice and friendly to you make you feel like want to stay there. try to be that someone too!

English was not my first language, but it doesn’t matter. we all are learning on the road.


Thank you for posting, and thank you for the kind mentions to me, Sphynx.

We became active at the same time, and I remember how nice it felt back then. We had more commenting and socializing in the Local timeline, and seeing each other’s posts and thoughts, making comments, built friendships.

We get encouraged by positive reactions; I feel sorry to see some people with consistent effort and quality posts go unacknowledged. That’s discouraging.

The instances have the advantage of a smaller size and an easier to connect membership. Twitter is a hard place to make connections, at least in my experience.

My love of Cat pictures and the fact I comment and reTweet many of them to the Fediverse seems to be getting me some recognition, there; and one of the local Felines. :smile_cat:

I was quite happy to see your post earlier today when you mentioned a wish to volunteer - thank you. :+1:


you’re a good example for me at QOTO, thank you!


I share most of your view. I’d like to see you as a moderator.


I am of the same mind. :v:


i agree with your vision of a good instance.

thank you for this post, I approve of its content :)

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