Welcome to Qoto.org's Moderation Team Discussions area

Hello and welcome to our Discouse Forums

And to this particular area, which is intended for discussions of issues and moderation on the various services offered here at Qoto.

The most popular one is the Mastodon instance, and a lot of the discussions here will be related to that. But they could be about our Video, Audio, File Storage servers as well.

Some General Information :

  • this subforum is open for Public viewing, by anyone in the Internet.
  • only users who are registered in our Discourse Forum, and logged in are able to post comments in current topics here.
  • Only Staff (and trusted members) can create new topics. Once opened, any logged in user can post a comment or reply in them.

This is intended to avoid cluttering our work area - which is important to us.

“But I am a user, and would like to bring an item for discussion - can I open a new topic?”

  • No, but you can request it from one of out team members. We are friendly, promise.
  • or, you can create a new topic in the Mastodon subforum (most likely it being an issue regarding that area), and propose, explain your view there,
  • Staff will see and can bring it in to the Moderation area, or respond there as well.

So, to clarify, New Topic creation on this area is now restricted

…to users with level 3 or higher in the Forums, which come from participation and experience. (not even a Mod status is required, just trusted and experienced user one).

Any Questions?

Please contact one of our staff members here or at the mastodon instance via a Direct Message. Thank you!

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