Want to Join our Mastodon instance? Welcome, but please FILL IN the Requested information for Signups. Thank you!

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And I just prepared this post, to show people who might be interested in joining our community.

Qoto.org moderation team has decided to implement a new policy, to restrict new user applications - the door was NOT locked, but we are requesting people wanting to Join Qoto to provide a little info about themselves.

How do their interests relate to our Science, Tech, Engineering and Math focus, so that we could have a less General type of instance; there are MANY of those, open to signups.

I noticed in a @users post this morning that we have added 5 new users only, over the last 24 hours. This is down from a recent peak of over 90 in the same 24 h period.


…and you know, there IS a reason.

We ask new users some questions, and they can fill in their response, which gets sent in to us, mods.

I looked at my email just now. I had 20 New User Application messages.

And I took a couple of snapshots - to share here. One of these has a ONE WORD response (not enough, you think?)

Most of them, had NO response at all. Honest, should we let such a low effort response in?

From the 20 in my email, I think I remember about 3 or so that got approved.

Making this public, as I think it’s for the BEST.

Thanks to @freemo and @arteteco - we are on the right track, friends. Steady as she goes. Carry on. :stuck_out_tongue:

And here is a snapshot of the new user signup screen as of today – our Admin worked hours to modify HTML and CSS files to enable :

  • More Space for User response (I have noticed it being limited on some other instances that implement this same function)
  • More Space for Instance Description and to request user input (and we have a VERY detailed one now)

It’s NOT that Hard.

Want a Qoto account? Please tell us why, and we can welcome you in.

See the story here — Want to Join our Mastodon instance? Welcome, but please FILL IN the Requested information for Signups. Thank you!

Ready to signup? Come to https://qoto.org/about

…and fill in a bit of info, and you can get it.

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** Just checked my mod email – 5 new applications, and TWO of them with responses.

I am ecstatic, friends. Thank you!!! Welcome.!

If we could keep that average (unlikely, I know, 2 out of 5 ? ), our new user count could even get reasonable.

Not counting on it, but I am certain we are moving in the right direction.

Speak up, or try again later, as we are NOT accepting blank responses, or junk ones.

More Fun to be had…

Just returned, a sunny day and lots of people out riding bikes, after a miserable cold week, we all needed it.

And then, This.

LOL… Loved Approving ONE valid account that was waiting, and taking this Snapshot.

Didn’t think it would be so much Fun, to use that Nuke_Them_All button. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Goodbye, Johnies…

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Another fine group of new user applications. (there were more, I removed the blank ones before taking this snapshot).