Users shouldn't block mods

While we are doing this big renovation of rules and policies, I’d add that users shouldn’t block mods.
We still don’t have that as a technical feature, I wrote on github and there doesn’t seem to be an interest in implementing it, so our best take atm is to put it in the rules.

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To me, that would be a sign that there’s something going on - either fishy activity, or some conflict brewing.

It’s unacceptable, as we are charged with monitoring all posts in the instance and other Qoto services usage.

I would argue that this should be added under our Terms and Conditions page as a reason for reviewing the user’s account and possible action.

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Agree with both of you on this rule.

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Wonderful, we reached full consensus and the Motion is Passed.

We can propose terms, wording for inclusion in the ToC next, this being a good place for it.

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Agreed. I would say this would be pretty simple

under the list of things that would get you suspended add “blocking administrators and moderators”


I coud prepare and put out an Announcement – I think those need to be done with care, as we are making changes and it’s best if they are solidly explained and reasoned.

Like the topic I made earlier today - giving the background and rationale for our Language policy Announcement from the Qoto account.

This post :

I am even thinking of doing an Spanish full translated version of it – and include the Forum links as Bing Translator Spanish versions so they can follow seamlessly.

Yea you can make the announcement. However you dont have access to the QOTO account and ideally any official announcement would be made through there.

We could share a password for the QOTO account maybe?

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One important detail to add here.

While blocking should be against he rules we should explicitly state that muting a moderator is acceptable.

Not all users want to see our posts in the local timeline. One reason i created QOTO account is so people could follow announcements without following my public toots.

So im fine with them muting us so long as they dont block us. That way we can still monitor them and interact with them but they dont need to read our public posts.

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Good point. How would muting affect them receiving a reply from one of the staff – say in response to one of their posts, and including their username in an attribution.

Would they get a notification?

If not, then I would be cautious, since it would prevent responses to requests made to them, likely to get in compliance with ToC and such.

The Qoto account - I understand the logic, and it’s a good way. We can work on getting that access.

Im about 90% certain you will still see direct replies from users who tag you when the user is muted. Though muting threads would suppress such notifications but thats a different type of mute.

We may wish to test this to be sure.

Ah, ok, we need a test then - before we allow that Muting the mods exception, to assure the users WILL see mod posting and respond to it.

Or we could create and use a less personalized mod account, similar to the Qoto one, and the person writing can add their tag to the post.

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