Uploading downloaded github master repositories to gitlab

I have about 30+ repositories that I downloaded from github as I wanted to minimize my github use post MS takeover.

If I signed up to a gitlab account on here, am I able to upload these as they are mostly :

arduino-larson-master.zip as the file name., I guess .master.zip is the important bit here.

I don’t need to upload all of them, just a few of the more important ones that I want to share with various communities.

I just wondered as this would make it easier to transfer repositories to a new home.



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yes… and you can even upload all of them. Plenty of space.

The thing is, the way your trying to upload them is not in your best interest. When you download a zip file and then try to upload the contents of that you will loose the entire git history from git and wind up with a repo with only a single commit, that being the latest one. Thats fine if thats intentionally what you want for some reason but if your goal is to migrate that is likely not what you want and going to come back to cause you some serious problems if these projects have other maintainers or if you wish to revert commits or do anything involving the history.

What I advise you to do is to actually clone the repo over from github into our gitlab, this will preserve all the historic commits, all the branches, everything.

For more information on how to do this, see here. If you still have trouble let me know and I can help step you through it.



Ok thanks, well I downloaded the zip files as part of a major purge, along side deleting from Github

I am not too bothered about losing commit history, as most are just mini projects anyway, I can start fresh on GitLab, but will consider cloning any remaining repositories that are still on github that I want to transfer over.

Some are kinda tied in to other forums so there are some scratch tutorials on there that are linked to from ScratchEdu.

I will sign up and have a look.


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Do you have any of those repos coned locally? If so you can always still just push them into the new repo that way too.