Tor Browser and getting a Pinafore login -- Error and a Solution (via a Browser Add-on)

In a post addressed to Nolan Lawson, Pinafore’s author, @Sphinx requested some help – he was having an error when trying to login to using his Pinafore client.

He posted a screenshot of the error message:


The error message seens to indicate an error storing data locally – on the user’s machine.

Nolan’s reply :


Pointed to the Tor Browser not being supported – and indeed an error writing needed data to the user’s machine.

So, fairly quick diagnostics. And seemed that Tor was not possible, right?

But Sphinx’s had another idea.

And posted a quick comment saying :

Thank you for your reply,
don’t worry. i already found an other way :slight_smile:

Which got me curious – what did he mean? Went without Tor, or what?


Sphinx clarified :

Thank you for asking. I would like to share my experience with you.

traditional tor like the image does not work but the other way is to use tor extension on waterfox (chrome and Firefox also have): like this CLI image.
the extension called Onion Browser Button.

Onion Browser Button to the Rescue !

Ah, ok – and thank you for sharing that!

For anyone interested, here are the Browser Store links for this add-on :

Screenshot from the Firefox Store :



To Sphinx for posting his request in public and sharing the solution he found. And to Nolan for his prompt reply with clear diagnostic of what happened.

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