To Help new users set up, "Todon 101" page. Also, learn about Fediverse Trunk!

To Help new users set up, "Todon 101" page

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Great ideas deserve to be recognized.

Todon.NL has a custom “101” page to help new users set house and find worthy people to follow.

  • Simple, good advice and organized. And – I discovered an awesome new thing, describing on next post.

“Trunk for the Fediverse”

Reading through their page, I noticed that. Trunk – What is it?

"Trunk allows you to mass-follow a bunch of people in order to get started with Mastodon or any other platform on the Fediverse.

If you click on one of the lists below, you’ll see a page full of people that volunteered to be on that list. Yeah, people. Our goal is to connect newbies with people. The only exception we have is our list of Organizations."

People and Organizations to Follow

Organizations are listed on Trunk, all on one page. Click on desired one for more info, follow it desired.

Image below shows “The Lists” of * people *, all sorted into a multitude of interests. From the main page, just scroll down.

F A N T A S T I C resource!!!

"If you want to read about one or more of these topics, all you have to do is click on the various lists linked below and follow the people on these lists.

If you write about one or more of these topics and think that people wanting to read about the topic might benefit if they followed you, consider volunteering for a list.

Note that you cannot volunteer other people. People have to volunteer themselves. "

Help pages are useful always. Trunk’s Help pages are here.

"This page is a about two kinds of help:

  • helping you, if you’re running into problems
  • helping us, if you’d like to support us"

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