Threads missing

What has happened to all the threads here, I can see the thread titles but clicking on them all the content has gone, as have all the replies.

Is there a way to restore please as I have spent a long time building all this up with the view that it will help and encourage new people to join and engage.
@design_RG @Freemo



Threads Missing!

and more missing – controls at the top of the page not showing, there was a version upgrade to v.2.5.0 Full and it seems to have problems.

Sadly I cannot do anything about it, @zleap.

This is hard core admin area. Upgrading to one of the Betas for v.2.6 might solve the issue, possibly.

Now I can’t even see the Reply I just posted here.

Argh. This is really BAD.

No problem, the important thing is we have a ) found an issue, b) know the cause, and c) data is still intact.

I wonder if we should flag this with the developers.

Hopefully it can be fixed at some point.


The problem was in one of the plugins. For now I disabled all plugins. Tomorrow I’ll enable them again until i find out which. Logs were no help.


No problem, the most important thing is that we are aware of the issue, it is being looked at, nothing worse than people not saying anything about a problem and wondering why nothing gets done.

Wonderful to see the Forums back – thank you!

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