#TechnicolorRainbow - a proposal for a user group / mailing list

This is a full copy of a series of Posts originally made at Hackers.Town, which I find useful - documenting how to use the new Guppe Groups app to create mailing lists for any interested parties.

Copied here for reference and easier viewing. [ I am the author of those posts, via my account at HT ]

#TechnicolorRainbow - a proposal for a user group / mailing list

@TechnicolorRainbow Doing a test, just created a new Group using the Guppe Groups instance.

This works quite like a mailing list, more or less. The group is now created and active, and if people decide that it could be a good tool for Book Club discussions, it’s ready.

** How to use it?

  • The first step is Finding the group. You do that by Searching in your own home instance. Go to the search bar, and enter the group name you want to join.

In this case, it’s “@ TechnicolorRainbow@gup.pe” (without the quote marks, no space between the @ and the groupname. See screenshot below)

  • when the search results pop up, it would show the group, and a Follow button, like for any other user. Click on it, and you will be added.

** How to communicate with the group?

  • once you join, you will receive any new messages sent to this group.

  • to send a message, I would suggest an Unlisted message (so it won’t show on Public feeds). Address it to the groupname@gup.pe.

( it will popup as soon as you start typing the name once you subscribe)

  • The guppe bot will receive your message, Boost it, and send to all followers in the group.

That is it.

You can use CW’s with chapter or book references, so it will be recognizable to what you refer to.

  • Anyone receiving your message can read, respond and send it back. Guppe will boost and forward on the reply too.

If you want to see the posts in the Guppe site, you can; there’s one page for each existing group there.

** Guppe site is at : https://gup.pe/u/guppegroups

Bringing this up as a suggestion and for discussion. I think it could work better than posts in the open and searching via hashtag.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

See the post above – the first one, already on the Group.


@TechnicolorRainbow Forgot to mention — you can also signup by Filling in the Request on the group page!

Example on the screenshot below.

@TechnicolorRainbow After you send it in, you get a Boost notification from that post.

And any replies will also show in your Notifications (as if you need more, right…) :blobwink:​

And it’s nice to see that the TechnicolorRainbow group is alive and well – it’s the home for the Book club at Hackers.Town instance.

One book a month, to be read by anyone interested, and can be discussed via the Group. Neat. Glad to have posted those and assisted, helped this baby start.

January 2020 Book of the Month is : “Cult of the Dead Cow: How the Original Hacking Supergroup Might Just Save the World” by Joseph Menn.