Tech Pledge

Tech Pledge

This is an interesting idea. Community developed guidelines, to help make the Internet a better place.

If nothing else, this will help spark debate on the topic, this seems to cover a lot of material / idea in a short number of statements.


Yes definitely an interesting idea.
What do you think they mean by “even at my own risk”?

In a workplace, it is now becoming increasingly important to put welfare of people first, so if you are told by those higher up to increase sales and therefore profits as a lower manager or shop owner you can either put your team under more pressure or stand up for the rights of your team.

If you put team under pressure then then this will just keep going up till every one has a breakdown.

There are some shops who are part of a larger chain of shops that don’t get the same footfall, so having the same pressures or targets will never work.

I think this is the nice thing about how it is worded it sparks the debate and allows for interpretation to be discussed for individual needs.

That reminds me of a lot of companies models!

You are so right about it.
i am going to put some thought in it to be as clear as possible with myself.
Maybe we could chat over on mastodon about it?
Then when I feel ready I might do my pledge.
Did you do yours?

I have printed mine out and signed it, but also signed the online version too. It is something i would like to take to a school as a STEM Ambassador to try discuss and spark debate with children and young people.

But sounds a good idea to discuss on Mastodon, maybe use the hashtag #techpledge to make it easier to follow.

That’s nice. Bookmarked for potential use as a checklist in future projects. I like its simplicity, although It seems a little rough in places.

  • to never tolerate design for addiction, deception or control.

This is hard to achieve sometimes, I can think of so many social media and video games that fall into this category…

Here you can find the Code of Ethics of IEEE which is suggested to all members, targeting engineers and scientists, mostly. Of course, you can get inspiration from it without being a member.

I will check out the IEEE link.

I agree there, I think if all this was discussed with the next generation as in today’s Children / Teens / Young people, they would perhaps related to the damage that addiction and control does, perhaps this pledge can help the next generation of developers consider what they are writing. They are intelligent enough to do that, just end up being influenced by the wrong people perhaps.

With the fediverse the ground work for what is a better system is there, ok not perfect but it is a building block, this years Libreplanet had some good keynotes by young people who are really driven by free software.

I am guessing it links in to the previous pledge statement, which was discussed earlier

“to always put humans before business, and to stand up against pressure to do otherwise, even at my own risk.”

Too many adults seem to think nothing will change, things are what they are, we need to throw them to one side and say we can change things for the better and give the power to the right people to bring about change through their actions.

We are here (well on the fediverse), which is proof there is another way to do social media,


Yes, I love this one, no matter how vague. It’s rebellious and responsible.

Well even some of the Facebook employees have had enough and have said NO to the idea that Donald Trumps messages should go unchallenged. Even one of the US generals has also stood up to the president and seems to have said he will not be allowing the national guard to shoot US citizens ( I doubt many will follow that order either way). Same general admitted he was wrong to stand next to the president out side of that church, after the peaceful protesters were tear gassed to get them out of the way.

If people can stand up to Mark Zukerburg and the US President then the rest of us can stand up to people who are above us in the same way.