Support your Interest and topics on our Forums ? Suggestions for members requesting new Areas added


Support your Interest and topics on our Forums ?

We have had some requests for new Subject Forum areas in our Discourse.

We are open to that, however it would be ideal that the person requesting is also prepared to support the nascent place, via searching and posting related content they think is valuable and appropriate.

A Forum without users is a sad thing. Ours is happily starting to see more use – as some people discover there’s great content already, and how much nicer an article can look there, as compared to the plain-text simple posting in Mastodon.

Some Forum advantages?

Certainly - I would mention :

  • Rich text formatting, including Bold, Italicized, Strike Out.
  • Full Markdown is supported, and the post editor has GUI controls, it’s just like a word processor.
  • Heading sizes – like a web page, we can control Heading sizes, from Title to subsections as needed.

Give your readers a visual break? Forum supports Horizontal Rulers, HR, and they lighten up and ease reading.

Images :

  • can be inserted very easily. Via Import button, or simply Copy Paste.

  • or even via the image URL if it’s already out in the web.

  • images can be placed In-line – inserted in the text body where they belong.

  • not at the tail end of a post like in Mastodon. Example ?

Replies :

  • can be linked to an specific post, easily.
  • Quotes are also easily used.

And our Discourse Forum is open to signup by anyone in the Fediverse interested. A verified email and you are in.

Support your new areas ?

Having personally requested a new SubForum for a wonderful piece of Software (the Pinafore client for mastodon and Pleroma instances), I am now there bringing content and inviting people to join. Which they will do, if there’s something to show.

See the new Pinafore forum here.

Support your passion. Become a Collaborator and build community.

Thank you!

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I have a few ideas, but don’t want to feel that I am monopolizing the forum.

I run a Code Club, and have made a set of links to all the various modules and activities, would it be possible to include this please. I can just drop this in place. and add the appropriate markdown around it.

Hardware - This could then cover devices such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other computer hardware, single board computers and recent developments.

  1. Science News - takes pressure of the Miscellaneous section.

  2. If we would like to use BigBlueButton for voice / video chat type meets, then perhaps a specific area for that, so we can announce or agree on dates & times, topics and who is attending (which then helps the presenter) could just be a +1 on the reply.

  3. I think a “new user introductions” or appropriately named , would be good too, new users don’t always know what to post and where, so an area where they can say hello, may help overcome the initial uncertainty and encourage users to say hello.

I am sure others have more of their own ideas.

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Added content is good, so feel free to bring it in. Ideal if we can get people involved, responding, commenting and maybe posting their own new topics.

For some people, participating in a Forum might be all new ground, so they need time to adjust and learn. But it is a rich place to work in, easier to organize and find content than in Mastodon, which is more ephemeral.