Standard Model of Particle Physics

In order to make sense of how various particles relate to and interact with each other, Physicists came up with the Standard Model.

There are lots of different versions of this, in that the same information is displayed in a variety of different ways, but the information this conveys is pretty much the same. There is no harm in looking at different versions as it helps strengthen our understanding.

This is the latest version that I can find

Looks like Wikipedia has got a more recent version. However found this via DDG rather than on the Wikipedia article page

By MissMJ, Cush - Own work by uploader, PBS NOVA [1], Fermilab, Office of Science, United States Department of Energy, Particle Data Group, Public Domain, Link


The A Level Physics curriculum covers some of the above material. I am therefore putting related information on the A Level Physics Topic Thread. Worth checking out even as the explanations are excellent.

Fermilab : Particle physics at home

Particle Physics Cards

From Website :

  • This document contains 61 elementary particle cards. 24 matter and antimatter particles, 12 exchange particles, and the Higgs boson.

  • They should be printed out in color on thick paper, cut out, and laminated.

  • Use the cards to stimulate ideas as well as questions and answers for learning about elementary particles.

  • Physics Cards

  • Symmetry Magazine

A Tetraquark For Muster Mark!

Scientists create compact particle accelerators that drive electron beams nearer speed of light



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