Special hashtag to highlight serious posting at Qoto.org? #QotoJournal is active, now

Love this idea, following the thread.


I found it was a wonderful idea and suggestion – was glad to receive it, can see the use, for sure.

We need a good hash word, as outlined above, so it will get used.

I like the suggestions of some content standards for people using the tag. These not only liven each post, but can lead the way to everyone following the model and producing richer posts all the time.

Some of the possibilities for suggested requirements:

  • a relevant image in each post. Size should be manageable, too large a file uses disk space everywhere, we can include an image at about 700x700 pixels comfortably. And include a link in the post if you think a higher resolution version is important; then it’s available if people want to see it.

  • A clear and relevant Title in the first line. Before starting the post, put a blank line after it. So the title will stand out on it’s own in people’s Feedlines. A better change to snag a reader is important!

  • Always provide any relevant links with the post. If something is a more extensive post, maybe it can benefit from a Blog placement; Like the articles I write and post at WriteFreely. Still, these longer articles can be Announced in Mastodon, with the same format as other, shorter ones; a Clear Title; some text Body; link to full article elsewhere; Always a Good Image! (we are fighting for people’s attention, everyday)

  • You can post longer pieces in Mastodon as well; Qoto is very special in allowing a HUGE 65,000 characters max per Toot. But even elsewhere, it’s feasible to make a Thread, successive posts in reply to the previous one; Best done as a Thread with the 2nd and later replies all set to Unlisted privacy setting (to avoid clogging Local timelines)

  • if doing multipart posts, you need to work careful and quickly – to try and avoid anyone jumping in with a comment or reply while you are still mid-stream in the posts. It’s possible, but a bit tense (I did this before). Best done with a machine supporting an enhanced Clipboard, capable of storing multiple pieces of information. I have and use this daily – Windows 10 now supports it, all you need is to press WinKey-V, and it will show all current clipboard contents, in time order; you can select any of them, text, URL, image, to insert at this point. So a multi-part post can ALL be copied to Clipboard, piece by piece, then inserted into Toot Editor in quick succession. Insert, Toot. Click Reply, insert next, Toot. and so on, until complete. You will overwhelm any humans looking at the post, less likely to have a stray response.

I made a nice thread of Toots with the story of a visit to a Museum, posted here at Qoto. Later it became a Full Blog post, which took more work but all the story was written already. I used a plain text editor in my laptop, and tuned away all the distractions – just the editor screen and me, my words flowing. As I love writing, that is a pleasure for me (you might have noticed? :smile: ).

At the end of a post, it would be nice to find some References – links, see also, anything related to your article. This can be done in a simple way, as a list of words and links to further info, as seen in the very last Toot in my Museum thread.

Stopping at this point, as it’s getting long, but I already see this thread as my topic of the day for a blog post. :blush:

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Blog post today was this topic, which I think is a great idea!

Completed and just announced it on Mastodon.

My thoughts on the matter, on today’s web magazine, live at : https://write.tedomum.net/rgx/special-hashtag-to-highlight-serious-posting

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One thing that would make this particularly useful is if you could make an entire timeline for this hashtag, making it easier for everyone to find these posts.

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Ah, welcome to Discourse forums, Casey!! :smile:

I agree, that is a good idea. To have it all organized would be nice.

I thought maybe we could use a Group for this possibly – similar to the group now being used by the Book Club at Hackers.Town.

It is a new project, by William Murphy, and allows to create a group similar a mailing list. I had suggested the creation and use of a group like that for the book club, and prepared some posts explaining what it was and how it operated.

This morning I went and copied those posts to the Forum here, in this thread.

You can see the posts sent by the Book Club members to the group - in the profile here.

If we used a group like that, inserting the group account in the original post would send it to all Followers of the group.

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Did you know?, if you right-click (with the mouse) on a #hashtag, then you can choose: “open in new tab”, in the new tab you will find all related posts in a very nice layout.



Thanks for the tip, @Kashi! That’s useful. Live and Learn, everyday…


always happy to help :-)

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That’s the spirit!


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You can also create a timeline that is exclusive to a set of hashtags. So you can pretty much do exactly as you suggest. Each user would have to set it up individually though, but its easy.

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That extra timeline via a hashtag filter sounds excellent – we could create a guide explaining how it is done, and people could use it as comfortably as their local or home feeds.

Neat idea!


Looking for some suggestions or people’s favourite tags, from the ones already mentioned in the thread above.

If we can chose one, we can start making this a Public feature and implement it.

Any suggestions are very welcome!

#qotojournal or #qoto-journal is my favourite

I recommend an explanation of the project on the “about the server” page, where you can find the rules…

Thanks RG


Is there a way to make a custom timeline on the web app? I think I know how to do it using the apps.

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I would like to have a clear tag, and using the hyphen would be ideal for legibility.

But – I ahd a hunch it might not be accepted; tested and it wasn’t.

Mastodon will ignore anything after encountering a hypen in the hashtag.


So #qoto-journal, which would be nice, gets chopped to the less definitive #qoto only. (which could have varied content).

Testing with an Underscore “_” , and that does stay in the tag.


…so it seems we need to use an underscore if going for two words tag.

EDIT : As noted below, we chose to switch to no-hyphen, no-underscore format for better readability, ease of use.

So the Tag is #QotoJournal or #QOTOJournal as both will work (text case is not sensitive for hashtags)

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I was searching all over my notifications to reply to this – which turns out wasn’t in Mastodon but in the Forum, lol.

Ok, I had no problem adding the hashtag search as a new vertical panel on my wide screen AWI web client view.

I do prefer 2 vertical panels only, but adding this was no sweat.

And the hash tag is now officialy live at #QotoJournal in mastodon.

** Tag was revised for ease of use and possibly better visibility as per Freemo’s suggestion in Mastodon :


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Now that we have #QOTOJournal life we need to ask some questions about what we want this tag to really mean and how we moderate it. Few questions I’d like to pose

Does it have to be STEM specific or can it include other fields?

Does it need to have scientific integrity (Peer review) or simply be “serious”?

Do we enforce any sort of quality standards?

Should it be restricted to only sharing ones own work or can it be for anytime someone shares serious work from any source?

Do we limit the timeline we have built-in to QOTO to only display users of the Tag from our local server?

Do we put any limits to how often people can post to the tag?

What measures, if any, do we want to use to prevent abuse of the tag?


Thank you very much @Freemo, i am so happy with you server. enjoy. Kashi |


What do you think? What fantasy do you have, in the moment, you read following sentence:
As a rule:
1.) You always have to use a photograph or any other visual art-piece to publish together with your text, only text is boring and low information compared with a combination text + photography.
(Check Wikimedia for many professional pictures of world-class art with free license.)
2.) If your text is very important to be published and you do not have a photograph, in this case you are of course also allowed to publish.

…and a reminder that the #QotoJournal hashtag is alive and running at Qoto’s Mastodon instance, and now even has a special place in the screen menus.

See the Hashtag as a Timeline here : https://qoto.org/web/timelines/tag/QOTOJournal