Some pretty Linux desktops I have seen

I saw some really neat full screenshots showing some different versions of Linux, from a techie user at another instance. Decided to collect and share them, first processing them into more manageable sized .jpegs, and at a reduced pixel size for a preview.

I will link to the full resolution as well, so if you want to see them in full glory, there will be a way. :wink:

  • Arch Linux

  • ElementOS

  • Kaos

  • Mint Linux

  • Plasma with KDE window manager

  • Unknown version, Lovely Lady

  • Solus

  • Unknown version, Minimalist Black

…I will edit this and link the High Rez pictures soon. :slight_smile:

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labeling screenshots by its distro is a bit of a pet peve of mine. In most of these cases the distro they are run on has no effect on what the screenshot looks like. More appropriate to mention the window manager used and any theme instead.

Not complaining about all the descriptions just the ones labeled stuff like “Archlinux”

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Yes, I understand and you are correct - the looks we see in any of them is much more related to the Window Manager being currently run on it than the Distribution itself.

I do not know enough about many of them, other than the image he did not post any details. So it’s difficult to define each GUI manager, sorry.

I used to run Black Box as the window manager on a MS Windows Server 2003 workstation. It was really small, simple and the desktop looked quite similar to the Black Minimalist photo above. And was not even Linux at all. :slight_smile:

The wide range of software available for consideration by Linux users is one of the interesting things about it. Customization galore is possible, if the user wants to do it.

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Going to move this topic over to a more appropriate category…

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Ah, thank you. I had to think where to place it, and might have picked the wrong locale.

I find the Discourse forum organization a bit bizarre, in that even having been here before and created various posts, it still seems difficult to locate exactly where things are.

The recent posts timeline at the Right side pane does help - I had users on a Cycling forum I created for our local club that were not familiar with the traditional organization, into forums and sub-forums, clearly labelled as to what they contained.

Having coming from Facebook, they expected a list of new topics or topics with added replies to show in their feed. I found it bizarre, and unfortunately people did not participate much and it died down for that reason.

Some of these people were the kind who could not get the difference between “Reply” and “Reply to All” in an email with multiple addressees. So that kinds of sets the context…

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hierarchical category systems always tend to be lacking. Ideas just arent so black and white as to fall under any single heading. I usually find ideas to follow more of a graph structure than a tree structure.

I noticed that you moved some of the new topics I had created (including one I was looking for yesterday and couldn’t fathom where it was).

Apologies if I placed them in the wrong place, I think you are the only one that has a clear picture of what the site’s structure is.

Kinds of worrisome if we are trying to bring in more users and participation in the Discourse forum, but the first impression is not that clear on where they should post a new topic or query.

I am gettign used to it, but Discourse is quite different from typical Forum structures - which I think are easier to understand, by not showing ALL of the categories and subcategories flat at the top level, entry point.

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I may have moved some incorrectly.

Everything I moved was in the category “QOTO” but not in any subcategory thereof.

To me that category would be for any topic that would apply to QOTO specifically but not specific to any one service (like discourse or mastodon). In most cases there just seemed to be more appropriate categories but it also seemed obvious to me, though that is clearly not the case.

Which move in particular seemed surprising or confusing to you?

I think you are the only person with a clear picture in mind of the forums structure, having created it.

I do find there are a lot of sub-forums, and people will have a harder time finding a post if it’s not on the upper levels, or in the Latest posts list on the right side of screen on entering Discourse.

I was at a friend’s place today, and showed her the Mastodon Instance, our Local posts as seen by a non-logged in user, my profile, etc.

I could not see or find the Moderation nomination thread, or my own post regarding my vision for QOTO and how users can help make a community better.

This surprised me, but as a non-logged in user, the whole Moderation forum is not shown - and these two treads have been moved there. This surprised me a bit, since you as admin had made public posts, federated all over the place, and I thought any curious person would be able to see the process.

I posted in the top level QOTO area as it was an easier to find place, and now you could consider if moving these out and out of public sight is the intention. I have no problem with the other Mod forum threads being a bit less exposed, since they would normally be in a staff forum and not visible at all in most forums I have participated in. Here, all it takes is a user to create an account, validate the email and they can read, so a low barrier in place.

The Guide for new Mastodon users, and other introductory posts, I would think best if they were at a high level on the structure, and as easy to find as possible. (i understand it’s completely focused into one of the various branches of service available here, and that’s the reason to move in a level deeper into Mastodon category).

Hope you don’t mind these comments, they are not intended as criticism, but in a positive way. Thank you!

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I have to agree with Freemo on this one. It rather does depend on the window manager and theme.

I use Arch Linux and I can assure you it looks nothing like the one posted. Whilst these look pretty, I’m also not sure about the usability of some, either too busy, distracting or headache-inducing for my liking.

Each to one’s own - I suppose. :grinning:

PS - There are some that even look like Windows too!! I really don’t understand why anyone would use Linux and then want to make it look like Windows. Truly mind-boggling. :confused:


Hello friends, good morning, first post of the day. Many more to follow, the coffee is on. :slight_smile:

First of all – Welcome to Discourse Forum, ChrisM. Nice that you joined us, great to have good people join in the conversation.

Yes, the Window Manager the user selects can alter the looks and working of the system, and that is a nice thing. I like to have the freedom to explore, change, customize and enjoy all that tinkering too.

It’s a pity I don’t have a snapshot of Black Box running on a Windows system, I think it might feel right for the many who appreciate a minimalist look. It was very light on system resources too, but I haven’t used it on a long time.

There is a variety of snapshots above, and the idea to group them (which had been posted one at a time by Paulo on mastodon instance), the idea was to show people what a Linux desktop could look like.

Please feel free to add a snapshot of your own systems, if you like - that can be a very intimate thing, as it’s our daily personal workspace, and we might not think about sharing an image. Just an idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I run archlinux too and looks nothing like what is posted here, might look totally different one day to the next even.

This is my QTile desktop on Arch

This is my i3-gaps desktop (looks the same as my Sway) also on arch.

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Those are nice, look at that transparency. :slight_smile:

Current desktop, Redmond v10. A little crowded, gotta do some cleaning up on these icons.

Love the Stars at Night theme. Image resized to 900 p wide for size reduction.

[Full Sized image - 1600x900p, 1200 KB]

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Beautiful background. I’m always a sucker for the stars.

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Yeah, I noticed the beautiful one on your desktop. Could pack all those wallpaper files into a zip if you like, from the Stars at Night theme.

And on that post, I just got Postimage working for me, and it seems nice. Needed a good and simple to use image host.

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Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: Glad to be here.

LOL, my workspace is too boring to be posted here. I like things to be fairly simple so I can concentrate on my work.

I have always liked the look and feel of Sun SPARCstations (showing my age now :wink: so mine looks a bit like that. Though, on one of my screens, I do have a photo of a RAF Typhoon low-level going through Cad West (it periodically changes between that and a RAF Tornado).


My first access to the internet was via an academic server, running Irix on a Silicon Graphics machine. They were pretty, with some purple details and very modern design. We low grade users did not have physical access of course, but the Irix command line was quite enjoyable, I learned all the basic operations of the Internet (that was pre Web days) via command line utils.

Pine for email. Gopher was cutting edge stuff. FTP, Telnet into another Unix system in Colorado were I had a free shell account - the very first one I ever had.

At first, I would dial up into the modem pool from home, connect via ppp, login with my friend’s credentials (he was already a uni student, I became one there later too).

On my first or second day there, sharing his account, I found myself this neat system in Colorado. It was a home for me for a long time, and it is still running.

Loved Nyx! :smile_cat: was the url for the system.

They are now at : and STILL offer free accounts, Shell access only.

I will create a Blog post about this, the story is just too nice to be lost.

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These are making me want to try random distros again. I’ve pretty much just stuck to ubuntu and kubuntu.

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You absolutely should!