Some discussions about Language in Qoto's Mastodon instance

Fine. I don’t really want the job of being a mod.
I tried to offer help anyway.

But you had a great misunderstand to me, I never say “ban someone, or I am going to leave”, you can go to check the old post. This is not a threat.

What I wanted to say is “face the problem of foreign language posting issue” or I am going to leave.
And I never wanted use the word “threat”, if you don’t want to face the foreign language issues, I would like to say, we had personality clashes, then I feel it will be better that I go away.

Since RG unlisted many threads, I guess you will have problems to check them.

whether it was a threat or not isnt particularly relevant. You specifically said you would not come back to mastodon until we banned certain people. At the time we already had a thread open discussing language issues, so even if that is what you meant the point is you were ready to leave the server, which is fine, but I dont think we would want a moderator who is/was on the verge of leaving the server regardless.

This is how screenshot works.
(Again, I have to find records from browser history since RG unlisted…)

Did I say I want to someone banned on this post?

Look, I am not asking to join into the admin team, but I hate misunderstanding.

That isnt the post I was refering to. The one I am referencing, which multiple mods saw and discussed I beleive was deleted or perhaps moved. I really have little interest in digging it up, but I clearly remember what you said.

I suggested ban someone because he/she posted illegal+name calling+etc content (In my point of view), but I didn’t say I use my exist as bargaining chip for it.

alright, well even if we accept what you are saying and you didnt make an ultimatum, the other points still stand. You can apply for a mod position in the future again if you wish and we can reevaluate at that time. You will be welcome at QOTO if you wish, and if you wish to leave you we will respect that decision too.

But for now I will not be extending a mod position.

As the screenshot, it’s more about the problem of “can’t moderate foreign language”, and I see you are solving this, so I am not going to leave.

You seem to have a great misunderstand about I want to be a mod, but I don’t.

No worries, I’m glad we could resolve that then.


Which languages are allowed in QOTO Mastodon now?

We are still discussing that. A final decision should be made in the next day or so. Until we make a decision all languages are allowed. We will compile a specific list of languages when we announce the rule change.

It’s not going to including Chinese, right?

Moving forward, probably not. Existing chinese speakers already established on the server may be grandfathered in and granted an exception however. We have not decided. It also depends on what users say between now and a decision being made. They may change the decision as well since that is the whole reason for making these topics public.

If you want to implement the new rule well, you should build a rule that after next few days later, only these languages are allowed:

Everyone must use X,Y,Z language only. No exception, otherwise it will start a fight for:

Why I saw someone can talk B language, other people can not?

A valid concern. But the other side is that we have people who have been speaking a language we cant understand for months now. They have well established accounts with hundreds or thousands of posts and content. They may not speak english and were not breaking any rules at the time when they made those posts. To suspend these accounts and wipe away months of content seems very unfair to me, they also cant be expected to simply start speaking english as they may not be capable of that. I’d be hesitant to suspend someone for a rule that wasnt established yet.

How could you know they didn’t break any rules? You can not read them, right?

Were not breaking any rules by speaking the language that they do…

These people we would continue to moderate through translators, limited as taht may be.

If there is no a allowed language list and “VIP old member” list, we can not discuss…

But I still prefer treat all people equally.

A decision hasnt been made yet if we will grandfather in older members or not. That was my proposal however.

After I read all of this…can you delete this and move to another thread?

This is off-topic. It’s more about your personal background.

I would be thankful if you do that. Seem you posted on a wrong thread.