Scientific paper publlication platform

Science and Research papers

A place to link to physics based Science and Research papers and also Science Periodicals and magazines.

Platforms for Science and academic research papers

Periodicals and Magazines

Science News


This more about preserving digital content, however it is applicable as we need to ensure science research is protected and available now and in the future.




I would edit the URLs, including the search results for each at Qoto.

Example :

[ #science ](

The whole Gang – I copied them from a DM sent to myself, in another instance.

Mastodon will add the URL to each hash as you copy and paste later.

[#science](, [#physics](, [#iop](, [#arXiv](, [#ScienceOpen](

And here the Live Links you aim for :smiley_cat: :

#science, #physics, #iop, #arXiv, #ScienceOpen

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Added to my original post and started to work on headings etc.

Do you think it would be worth having a separate sub forum at some point? We can then link to papers and periodicals from a specific subject and also have a general area on the same page to general science publications

arXiv covers quite a few areas, so having a single page would be more logical. Rather than starting a publication / papers page in each section.

Don’t need this just yet, just asking to get feedback from users.