Saturday new users likely looking for sex or worse

@freemo It seems we are getting an influx of Satuday night, looking for company kids of new users.

I have sent a report on one case. And seen things that indicate there’s no much understanding of what this is.

Accounts to watch:

copy of a DM just sent to boss, for the record and FYI.

We have an eye on them. Usually these users dont stick around past their first toot. Strictly speaking they arent violating any rules yet.

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Thank you. Yes, I understand that they are not violating the rules yet, but their posts mark the intention they seem to have in their participation in the network atm.

Like one other fellow that posts rarely, one liners and not interacting with anyone, they are looking for adult material, possibly interacting with sex workers. Per se not a condemnable act, but not a noble motive for being in a stem community.

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Hard to tell from a single post, which is why I have my eye on them. I’m less concerned with if they have nobel motives as I am with if they are actually part of a STEM community and here to interact with others from the STEM community. If they are they can seek all the sexy time they want if they are respectful about it I guess.

But considering that was their only content it does raise red flags for sure and worth keeping an eye on them.

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Awesome, glad we see it along the same lines!

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