RG, can you just lock the thread but not unlisted them?

This is about public transparency.


The threads have been discussed at length and a decision has been made. I would prefer to not have these exposed to the internet at large, and specially show in the Topics list at the front page.

That is the reason for them to be unlisted, although they are still here and on the same subforum. (They are not visible to non-logged in users, that’s all).

There’s personal users information, screen captures, etc which I prefer to preserve this way. We are done with that discussion, basically.

I moved this topic from the Moderation area since new topic creation there is now restricted to staff and forum users with a certain level (based on participation and experience).

Replying to topics there is open to any logged in, registered Discourse Forums user.

No, I can’t find back my threads there.


You have to be honest, unlisted threads will not be displayed in topic list.

And I didn’t post any personal information there, and screenshots on there are not private message, but the definition of personal information is wide.

Maybe you just want to lock and unlisted the threads you want?

Thread closed, as per reasoning explained above. Thank you.