Resolution -- Establishing a new Qoto Language Policy Going Forward

Well handling the language is more the issue. Since we cant rely on you or other native speakers to tell us who should be banned if we cant read the language. There is a lot of nuance in language and its hard to access just how rude their choice of words were. If it was exceptionally offensive I might be more likely to at least say something to the user but as it stands I dont really know just how rude the choice of words was… calling someone a troll isnt really the worst thing someone might say.

I’m not sure anyone could be expected to deal with a language they dont know. If you dont know the langauge you cant be expected to understand what is being said when it is spoken.

My TL;DR: I’m ok in banning languages we can’t understand, but I’d maybe allow Romance and German languages, as we at least get the gist of it, and we may speak them a bit

Yes, it is getting messier, both because of low quality content (from English and non English speaking people) and because of the total lack of control over foreign languages.

We can at least try to stop one of the two and limit the languages. I’m ok with that, at least until we find a solution.

Having a single mod that can speak the language is surely a possibility, but it would be someone we really trust as I wouldn’t have the strength of looking and translating all the conversations of a Chinese user, to say.

We don’t need to ban all of the foreign languages though. I understand the same problem arises with me, but as for Italian and Spanish content I can manage, and personally with German, French and Portuguese I’d feel at least comfortable enough. @Freemo may speak Dutch by now? I don’t know.

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Fair. at least for the establish well trusted mods accepting the languages they speak might be acceptable. It seems those are the two options on the table… ban everything except english, or ban everything a moderator doesnt speak.

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I would support a move to European languages only, which someone in staff has enough knowledge to keep an eye on.

English, Portuguese and Spanish, I can handle. French I understand more than I can speak or write. Deutsch, nada.

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since it looks like we will move to some sort of restriction on language I do want to propose one exception for consideration…

Users that currently have accounts and post in a foreign language might want to be grandfathered in. It seems a bit of an overstretch to delete users who are established and active. We should encourage them to switch languages but perhaps let users who are already active keep their accounts and just restrict future users…

Over time foreign speakers should diminish naturally as they move servers or if there is a reason to ban them.

Just a thought though.

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Yes, I agree and support that. Considering the Spanish users are quite established already, it would be unfair.

The Venezuelan troops I would still look at under the other (propaganda) discussion, but your language suggestions are the best we can do atm, imo.

I wonder how this ‘european only’ will be seen by non european or american people…


Well in most America they talk European languages.
I can see how this can be unfair, but we don’t have the means to mod languages we don’t understand, and it would be unfair to other users to have illegal, hating or otherwise undesirable content on this server. It’s not what they signed up for.

EDIT: welcome @Miguel_Senis!

Welcome Miguel. The problem is we need to move from no restrictions to some kind of workable solution. We in staff speak and write some of the European languages, which are also commonly user in the Americas, and other continents.

We can’t read or moderate non-Western languages or non-western script languages, and so need to draw the line somewhere.

I agree it would be unfair, and that doesnt sit well with me. But as was pointed out we need to be able to moderate messages.

This is one reason i suggested grandfathering in already established accounts. This way no damage is done, anyone already here can speak whatever language they want. New users can signup on an appropriate mastodon server for their language and both users can still interact and talk.

With that said I wouldnt be opposed to expanding the accepted language as we get more established and well trusted moderators. If a user really wishes to see their language represented on the server it would be a good encouragement for them to apply for being a mod which, after some time of them building trust as a mod would allow us to include their language in the list of accepted langauges.

I made a Mod intervention and Split this - which now is coalescing as policy decisions, off from the other thread that had a lot of foreign posts and names, etc.

Reasoning -

  • this will make the matter better understandable to all readers.
  • It will divert from a controversial topic which could be closed soon, as a decision has been made on it.
  • and avoid disturbing the users mentioned in the previous topic with an ever growing thread, where they are mentioned.

Apologies for this but it seemed needed.

Thank you and Carry on.

EDIT : old topic is now Closed.

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Yes, I’ve been following the topic and I think it’s a very reasonable measure. You should be very careful with how you explain it, though. You know, we are already ‘that instance who federates with gab’, try not to appear as imperialists or supremacists…


Agreed. I would basically frame it as “we only accept languages mods can speak, if you’d like your langauge represented then please apply for a mod position if you are in good standing with the community”, then add a list of the languages we currently accept.

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I don’t know didn’t I gain your trust or not, since you said “sadly for my leaving”, but I didn’t say I am having to leave for sure. :anguished:

Can I being a mod of Chinese language only?
English is not my first language, I can’t handle them well.

The problem is that the Moderation and Admin team here works in English, even if we speak other languages as first languages.

Based on the friction created by these discussions, I would prefer not to open an offer for volunteering people like Freemo mentioned - some previous experience and ability to deal with membership in the instance’s primary language is essential.

Decisions on electing a new moderator are internal and voted by current team members.

Nevermind, I don’t really want the job of handle these problems.

But since some of yours feeling regret for can’t cover many languages.

Give me the Chinese mod title.
Chinese is under the allowed language list, problem solved .

Did you read and understand my post above? I was polite but the message is clear, I believe.

Yeah, but I am talking to another member in reply.

Just an idea.