Request for future feedback on "practical cryptography" posts

I’d like to start writing a series of “Cryptography for Real People” blog posts, mostly to help educate the people in my social network but also potentially others who stumble upon them; however, I am neither a practical expert nor an amateur scholar/historian in the field, I really only know exactly enough to be dangerous to my own operations security. So I wondered if the members of QOTO would be kind of enough to lend me their expertise while I draft posts.

The tone I’ll be aiming for will be mostly informative, yet a little descriptive as well, to underscore for typical Internet users the breadth and depth of how much control is centralized in modern online infrastructure and software.

The first topic I want to tackle is public key encryption, how asymmetric key-pairs differ from passwords, and the criticality of private key management in e2ee. Is anyone interested in helping me stay accurate and perhaps hedge away from my, “Everything is well and truly fucked,” doomsaying?

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I have some expertise, will be happy to review time permitting.

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