Request for blog post feedback

As mentioned in a previous topic, I’d sincerely appreciate feedback on!

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I would like to preface this by saying that i have no experience writing blog posts, and while I do understand some of the modular arithmetic involved in encryption, I am by no means an expert. These are just some of the things that came to my mind reading your post.

Depending who you want your audience to be, especially if you want to include people that may not really be familiar with what asymmetric encryption is used for, I feel like TLS should be mentioned at least briefly since it is one of the most important use cases for it. Of course if you want to focus on other applications like the ones you mentioned, that’s fine too.

If you want to show what a public key does in a way that perhaps makes it more understandable to some people, a metaphor that I heard that I liked was to envision the public key like a padlock and the private key like the key to that padlock. You can hand out open padlocks to people, but the padlocks do not reveal information about how the key works. The person receiving the padlock can then lock something with that lock and be certain that only you, the person that sent them the lock can open it again, since the key never changed hands.

Of course that metaphor is more suited for using public key encryption for transfer instead of verification, so I’m not sure that this helps for what you want to focus on.

Overall I enjoyed your post and I look forward to you going into more detail, thanks for posting it here.

I hope this was helpful to you in some way, I wish you the best of luck with your series!