Report #375: and zlax

So, @Freemo has posted about it here, tagging me and @DaveTLV

You know how I get about discussing on mastodon, I can’t follow it along (and for future reference, looks healthy to also write here).

In any case, when I read the report at first I thought that unfederating with was a bit too much… but when the problem is with an admin things change.

I’m trying to give my shot to talking to him, not because I do not agree with everything freemo said, just because I’m a different human being and I may have better luck communicating with zlax. This may all just be a big misunderstanding and I hope no action will be needed.

After spending 4 days trying to come to an agreement with zlax, I have to give up.
All the conversation was (proudly) public at the link I posted.

He had 2 very precise requests at the beginning:

  • Inform sptnkmmnt that he wishes not to be followed. Now sptnkmmnt knows, so we’ve complied.

  • Consider if sptnkmmnt is violating our ToS by postng ads. We considered it, and we don’t think he does.

I stated this simple facts very clearly and it escalated until I was asked to force the user to do stuff, which was not acceptable. zlax seems impervious to my reasons and won’t get it done in any other way than his.

Since he keeps tagging freemo against his clearly stated will, I tried what I can to avoid any conflict but I do not have the energy to keep engaging, so we may have a second silenced instance.

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So, as freemo stated here, since there was a continuous tagging of users against their will, from different accounts in different server and a complete impossibiity to communicate with zlax, we proceeded to silence

We may reconsider it in the future, for now there was really no other way to stop it.

Four months later and this user continues to avoid the ban from additional accounts. These too will be suspended. Relevant threads here: