Report #366

I couldn’t get the gist of it. Seems like the user is not doing anything bad but keeps being reported.
The screenshots added seem more like something the user would put in his defence… Should contact and ask what’s up?

It looks like he’s using accounts to evade bans. He’s not like going to step two of harassment but he’s def going to step one. He opens these accounts and follows people who blocked him off his main gab account.

At least, that’s what I think I’m seeing here.

I’m going to add the user’s QOTO account to my watch list and just keep an eye out to see if he’s doing anything untoward from our server. I don’t see anything that expressly breaks our rules, but the link to the imgur album does show him following the same person repeatedly after being blocked. (Presumably by the same person?) it’s hard to tell, since the screen shots are cut very specifically.

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We have no evidence that that user blocked him, it’s not even in the screenshots, and the user was not contacted.
They were not even qoto’s account. admin says he doesn’t have anything to day about it. I closed the report.

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