Report #278

seems like the user is posting seriously just ads. Can we ask him not to post links to tickets selling websites perhaps?

I agree with this, i dont like the smell of his posts so lets talk to him.

I’ll write him if no one else has done it yet. If he doesn’t comply we’ll just silence him

edit: I checked into him further. It’s not really an easy call.
He doesn’t always seem to link to the same ticket reseller, he points to the official seller without any reference code or anything he could monetize on.

His blog does not have any ads or adsense… I’m not sure he is making money out of this. Could it be that he really is just making, idk, musical news?


Good catch. In that case I’d say lets not take any official moderator action. We can ask him just to clarify (though I think dave already did). Either way I’m fine with just considering this resolved. He hasnt been that active lately anyway IIRC.

Sounds good, let’s let him live and close it