Replying from email notification to Discourse - not working?

Just a heads up.

I had seen there’s a badge for someone who Replies to a Forum post from their email notification, so had to try it.

Didn’t arrive here, and mailer daemon shows error on delivery.


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Why did you send to that e0mail though. There are reply to emails but that isnt one of them…

That was the one that showed in the Discourse notification email I received.

And it mentioned “You can reply to this post here via email”, but didn’t work.

An example, this is the reply info for the notification for your post above.

Looking at the two screen shots, here’s a Hunch. is a legit account. And if it behaved like gmail, any JhonnyUser+PlusArandomAddedString would end up on “JhonnyUser” inbox – the first part of the address string.

Second part is post reference info, me thinks. Big long string of digits.

I may have now fixed this, future e-mails, I hope, will use the proper address.

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'Wonderful – thank you!

Was going to reply to your message above, via the email notification to test, but haven’t received one yet.

Will do with another email later. Thank you.

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NP. let me know how it works.

Just recieved a mail bounce from a reply sent to a thread here.


Try sending direct to the set email address, lets see if that works better maybe?

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I wanted to send an Email reply to a forum thread today – but couldn’t remember the correct address to reply to.

What was it again? I remember something like ""

Where the dots were a word like maybe a forum area? We need to document this in a sticky post.

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Each category is different. Which category?

Ok, let’s say its on the Discourse subforum.

Would it be ?

I will have to remember these if I want to be able to fire up a quick email reply, which seems like a nice feature.

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Yes I am kind of surprised there isnt a way to display this info automatically.

Adding to my Contacts, to keep it around. Thank you!

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^---- Post above was a reply via email, and come thru without a hitch. Wonderful.

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