Regarding Arms posting and a suggestion for Content Warning requirements [from mastodon topic]


Regarding arms posting – I do cringe when an assault rifle photo is posted openly, I think we should revisit the Content Warning requirements.

As a sensitivity gesture to those who are victimized by violence, crime and warfare. The topic could still be acceptable, but with a CW and up to users discretion to open it or not.

One of the Very Distinctive features of Fediverse instances, compared to Twitter for example.

We don’t need to go overboard, but while I am interested in arms, and had them in the past, I have so far avoided posting images that could lead to finger pointing and reputational damage to Qoto in the Fediverse.

Posting this Top Level, for Exposure and discussion.

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EDIT : Getting a Server 500 Error – failure to upload media, both in Masto Web and Pinafore client.

** Now posted here to allow a permanent record and including imagery which the mastodon server is currently NOT accepting as mentioned.

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I think you accidentally linked to the wrong post there

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I’ll reply here with my reply on mastodon…

I think we need to be careful about enforcing CW as a policy and instead focus on choosing your own personal limits on when to post CW.

As eugene puts it, CW is mostly a contract between the user and their followers.

People being sensaitive or offended by something shouldnt really be the measure. Our current CW rules around spoilers and nudity is a functional one, it would cause harm to people in a work place setting.

If we start catering to what a person sensative to or offended by something might not like we start down a rather nasty slippery slope in my opinion… do we CW knives, off color jokes, how about posts criticizing men-s rights movement or feminism (for example snow was greatly offended to see such posts).

On any topic there will always be people who are offended by it, and to the people who have similar views it will hurt our reputation among that group. If we begin trying to accommodate anyone who might be offended by anything we will quickly find we either need to take sides or CW everything.