Question to staff

a new users shows up, posts and has this avatar.

What do you think?

image link

What about it? Seems rather benign.

I think it could be a person using Qoto to spread content banned elsewhere. Nothing major at the moment, but I would keep an eye on it.

With Gab apparently banning porn on their site, we might also see some coming looking for places to post from. We have a preminent position on joinmastodon’s list, some might end up here.

I really have no objection to someone posting content that was banned elsewhere, what matters is if the content they post on QOTO is acceptable by our standards, not someone elses.

With that said if it is a cross poster or mass poster who doesnt monitor their account at QOTO when they cross-post then that may be an issue. But that is unrelated to the nature of the content.

The other issue is if someone engages in ban avoision. That is, their individual account was banned on one instance, but they open an account on QOTO and tag the person who banned them specifically to circumvent a ban. But this use case wouldnt apply to users moving servers to avoid instance-level bans, that is perfectly acceptable.

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Sounds good, I understand. Thank you!

Could you remove these last posts by Dr DeJahang from our local timeline? He is still posting, shows on his profile, but not on timelines.

He should be silenced now since he is unwilling to cooperate. None of his posts should appear int he local timeline (refresh if they are still showing).

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No new posts in the Local line, just on his profile when I looked minutes ago.

Very poor job, if he is an educator, he needs to learn a lot. Plus states what he does is fine and proud of 100 social media accounts.

I am not ok with that, Abuse is my view of it.

Agreed, that is why he was silenced. The abuse doesnt exist if his posts are silenced since no one can see them unless they want to. So resolves the issue of mass posting. He is basically just acting as an unlisted aggregation bot at this point.

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doesn’t bother me a bit

Keep in mind we were talking about two seperate users in this post. The one mentioned in the OP doesnt bother me either and wasnt silenced, Dr. JeHang however was mass spamming across 100 seperate accounts and being mostly unresponsive in threads on QOTO,

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Thanks for pointing that out, boss.

Indeed, I think Dr Dejahang should be reported to other admins in the fediverse, as what he is doing I see as abusing the network.

His content is repeated ad nauseum, and not even well prepared or presented; just a mess of copypasta dogs breakfast.

Is there an instance for masto admins and mods to hang out at?

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Not that I know of but there is the #mastoadmin hashtag.

There used to be an instance for moderators but I dont recall its name and havent heard about it in over a year. I suspect it has died.

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