Qoto Privacy policy and Legal notice

As a user pointed out, we do not have those documents, and never had them. We have the ToS, which I wrote, but not these ones.
As they are legally binding, I am not sure on how to proceed. Should I use a EU model for it? Or…? I’ve written a few privacy policies, but always were for Italy, so I don’t know how to go for another countries

If QOTO is subject to US law, COPPA might be a problem. The site’s not directed at children, but if the site operator were to have actual knowledge that a child was using the site, it would become a requirement to have a privacy policy (among other things). At present I don’t know of any children using the site, but with 13K users, it seems likely.

This is the sort of thing where you probably want a real lawyer to at least proofread the policy, if not draft it himself.


I’ve never put my hands on such documents under US laws, if I can help in proofreading and such I’m totally ok, but don’t feel like writing it myself… there should be some privacy policy generator online, is it alright for everybody if I just use that?

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That is not how COPPA works as I understand it. But here is the compliance FAQ