QOTO Mastodon Instance -- Wish List, suggestions and request? post here, discuss

A Topic dedicated to bringing in user Suggestions and Requests for new features or changes to the way our Mastodon instance is running.

Qoto has MANY Unique Features already - on a recent batch, our fearless admin @Freemo added a number of new ones.

Which I later documented in Detail here - in their own topic as there’s so much to explain.

This Topic however is for Wishes, Wants, what could make the instance nicer, prettier, more comfy and attractive to spend some of our precious leisure time in?

Found the place, this is it. Topic Open.

Thank you for supporting Qoto and for any suggestions or comments.

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And the Innaugural post goes to --> Your friendly Cat Fanatic Moderator.

** #Qoto Feature request ?

Could we possibly get MORE Pinned posts in our Profiles?

Reason being, they ARE really nice to keep important ones on view. I use and enjoy those.

I am using the Allowed 5 max Pinned posts.

All of those are Kick-Ass ones – some mine, some I find tremendously important.

Please Sir, may I have some More ?

#mastodon #newusers

Original post and discussions in this Mastodon Thread.


What about visible counters for boosts and favourites without clicking a thread, like the replies have? Probably not the easiest thing to change, though. I would like that for most cases, on the other hand I cannot guarantee it wouldn’t bias my first impression for a post…

Which is exactly why Eugen keeps it this way – take people away from watching Likes, etc.

Hmmm, fine. I can live without it.

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