QOTO and off-topic Toots - long post [ originally a Toot sent on November 22, 2019 ]


Besides the long series of Toots and replies, an important conversation we had earlier today and which I have already collated into a Discourse Forum post here, upon looking at my profile I see an earlier, November 22, 2019 post that has some relation to that discussion.

To add this content and preserve it, I am creating this new thread and note that this is happening about 20 days after that first post. The post also happened on a week we had some excellent discussions including some of our users, regarding the perceived challenges at hand:

Original Toot was posted as a response to @Chikara, and is located here.

@Chikara Sorry if I was unclear, Chikara.

By an “article” I meant a Long Form write up/post, similar to the ones you have done so far in fact.

In that suggestion, was to write a text analyzing the importance and the history of these facts, the way you see it, etc.

As opposed to what we have bee seeing too much here lately – a LOT of one line posts, little jokes, which if done occasionally won’t detract from the site’s tone and reputation.

But - and we already have a big discussion started this morning on exactly this topic - but can turn off users with STEM interests, educators, students, anyone who comes here to share and learn new things.

Please do not feel discouraged, we ARE noticing the wave of “general” posts, we got an influx of people who came here probably because it was prominently displayed at the top or near the top of the Joining Mastodon network pages.

You are most welcome to join us for the discussion, reading and responding to this thread : https://qoto.org/web/statuses/103181749788422818

QOTO is very unique - not only for it’s STEM affinity, but for the way the instance is run by a very open minded administrator.

That’s unusual, the degree to which things are opened to discussion - and in a Public post. That was never my experience, and I have been a moderator in various other networks over time, including being senior staff.

Thank you for all your posts, I liked and replied to them. It’s a pity that we got so little response, but that might also be due to the massive flooding of the Local feed lately.

Again, I invite you and ANY other concerned users to please join us in finding the best way to keep the boat in due course.

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