Psycology - Effects of Covid 19 isolation

At present Code Club isn’t running and while schools are open to a limited number of students, I would like collate some articles that discuss the Physiological and Medical impact of this on people.

At the code club I run, I have two young people who are home schooled so for them attending school is NOT the issue in one sense, but other activities such as Sport and Code Club not happening IS having an impact, so the social side of this or lack of could have long term effects.

I feel code club can be run safely, even with 2m distancing, and steps taken to provide hand sanitizer, regular hand washing, spray desks / equipment before / after sessions to mitigate any risk(s).

There is only so much we can learn at home and from the internet. Getting out the house and in to nature or visiting museums, or other places to see, feel and soak up culture and history.

I can then refer to these in any proposals (or updated plans) to get Code Club and other groups back up and running,

Would also be good to look more at the actual medical risks to young people, as while some reports don’t’ seem to suggest Young people are affected by Covid19 in the sane way adults are, there do seem to be other side affects of this.

I am in over my head with this a little but, BUT the whole point of a forum such as this, should be to open discussion on these topics, we are raising the bar here.

Rather worrying is this.

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I wasn’t aware of the clotting issues. Thanks for sharing!

It appears the effects in Younger people are quite different or it may be that younger people are not as affected by the respiratory system damage but so the clotting is causing other problems.

More research is needed.

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