Pinafore once again avant-garde -- supporting something I am requesting in Mastodon, already!

Pinafore does many things well

I have mentioned Pinafore many times, in forums, conversations, threads in Fediverse.

Now I just prepared a honed presentation, putting forward a Request for Comments and possible adoption of a new Feature which I think is important.

Today’s Blog post is all about it.

Proposing a new Feature to Mastodon

This post intends to highlight a proposal for a Mastodon Feature enhancement. It was originally posted as a Toot here, and later copied in stripped plain text format at Qoto.

The core idea is simple – to allow a user to post Long Text, while collapsing it for display in the various timelines. For aesthetic reasons, as it will look better in a crowded TimeLine listing.

Today’s New Blog Post is Live now.


The Essential of this Request ?

…That I can see a Long Form post, exactly like Pinafore now displays it.

Yes, Nolan did it, again. Thanks for another nice aspect of Pinafore.

Snapshot of This Topic – as shown in Pinafore, as part of the Qoto Local Feed Stream :

…which is EXACTLY what I am looking for. :smiley_cat:

The post contains an image, and in the Local Timeline is compacted to a dense and still meaningful form

Well done, I say.

Credits : Thanks to Phaedrus for the many interesting and meaningful posts. Your contributions are appreciated and enrich our days here and in the Fediverse.