Pinafore Login Error -- on WhiteList only Instances

I had heard of this error from other users of Pinafore – at an instance who switched to “Whitelist mode” only.

Whitelist means only instances who have been approved and included on a master list by the local admin can connect and exchange information.

I hadn’t seen the error, as I had added Koyu.Space to my Pinafore list BEFORE this new whitelist came in.

But – If you are doing a new install of Pinafore, or if you logged out of this instance, the error will be there still. Screenshot and error message with Reference link copied here for us.

Error Message :

Error: Request failed: 401. Is this a valid Mastodon instance? Is a browser extension blocking the request? Are you in private browsing mode? If you believe this is a problem with your instance, please send this link to the administrator of your instance.

Koyu has proposed a Fix at the PF Git Hub

And I mentioned this on a Toot before.

Pending solution, will add info here.

Beware of this – an issue currently Open in the Git.