Pinafore Client for Fediverse now has a Forum (June 10, 2020)

Pinafore Client for Fediverse now has a Forum

Pinafore Client deserves a Discussion and Support Forum

A new Pinafore client discussions Forum is now online at Qoto’s Discourse Forums

We now have a new sub-forum, dedicated to the powerful and fast Pinafore client for Fediverse instances – Mastodon, Glitch-Social, Pleroma are all supported.

I am a big fan of Pinafore, since first trying it. It is a popular client with power users, as it is FAST and Light, plus has elegant design, clean UI and many nice features.

Why a Forum ?

Forums are wonderful in how they can organize information (by Topics, sub-forums, etc), allow easy retrieval (unlike most Social Media), and Advanced formatting. At the modern Discouse Forums :

  • Enhanced text MarkDown is fully enabled.
  • Images can be easily copy/pasted or uploaded into any topic or comment.
  • And images can be placed in-line – along the text, where they refer to.
  • Unlike Mastodon, which only attaches them at the very bottom of any post.

They are un-matched in these features, and a pleasure for users who have experienced the presentation and discussions they allow. Plus :

  • As an experienced moderator, a staff person can split any Topic if it goes into a tangent.
  • This keeps the original topic focused, while exposing the new idea for it’s own.
  • Posts can be edited and enhanced, anytime. Unlike the frozen state of masto toots.

Meet the Author

Nolan Lawson is the author of Pinafore, and I have told him many times how I enjoy it. Never heard about Pinafore? See the author’s word here.

As part of Fandom, I thought we could do more to support Great Software, and requested a new Project Forum for Pinafore at Qoto’s Discourse Forum. The admin graciously agreed and created it, it’s now opening for business.

An Introductory post was needed, so here we are. ??

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Meet The Mod

Yours Truly! :cat: