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PBS Space Time | PBS

If you have ever wondered about Black Holes, Worm Holes and White Hole (which are the opposite to Black holes). This Youtube series on Astrophysics may be for you.

The presented of the series Matt O’Dowd.explains things really well, and gets across some very complex ideas in clear way. Which is not always easy.

Currently on Season 6. Other topics covered in are Big Bang. Multiverses, Dark Energy and Dark matter.

Universe Expansion / Inflation

The following diagram illustrates the how the universe underwent expanded / inflation, so included for illustration. Found on Open Clipart

At the time of writing there is a discussion on Science Forums on Black holes.

This is a really good Science discussion forum that is worth checking out and hopefully complements what we can present here.


Science forums has a really good thread on Cosmology Basics, which has some really nice links. These are better off being looked at in the context of the whole thread post,