OpenLearn - Childhood in the digital Age course discussion

As the Open University [1] offer courses via their Open Learn Platform [2] I have signed up to the Childhood in the digital age course [3]

One of the first questions is to watch a video, and answer / consider the following

*What do you think? How might technology hinder children’s physical, social and cognitive development, and how might it provide exciting opportunities for learning?

a) Make a note of you thoughts at the start of this course. Use a notebook or digital notepad that you can refer back to at a later date.

b) What opportunities for learning are there.

I would like some further input in to this please, so I can consider, through discussion. Some wider ideas than the ones presented plus also what children use changes so something relevant to 2021 would be good.

Please reply to this post with comments & input.

2 Open Learning - OpenLearn - Open University
3 OUFL_11 - OpenLearn - Open University - OUFL_11

I have decided to undertake a chemistry course instead of this course, but will leave this thread up for discussion.