Open Learn : In the night Sky Orion

I am currently working through a free course provided by the Open University as part of their Open Learn courses.

Having undertaken various other courses with Open Learn this does cover quite a lot of material, so there is some cross over, which is fine to recover materials in a different context.

  • The Sun is a nice 8 hour course that covers about or local star, and the processes within.

Worth checking out if you want to learn more about Astronomy and what is out there in the galaxy and beyond, however Open Learn offers more courses on other subjects too.

I have also obtained a certificate in contemporary science from the Open University, which was mostly undertaking Astronomy and Planetary science courses. So I was signed up to Open Learn anyway,

One issue with this course is over the period of 4 weeks that it runs, we are meant to take a photo of the Orion Constellation.

Problem is where I am it is either cloudy or too much light pollution to really see very much within the constellation.

I don’t think my camera is realy suitable for this anyway.

Sufficient to say, without a camera or a photo I can tell that Orion appears to be in a different position each week.

Another flaw Is I started this course months ago, so just going back from time to time to read up a little more. I want to try and blitz the course so I can finish it.


When following this course and looking at Week 3, it may be a good idea to find a bigger and alternative picture of the Hubble tuning fork classification system for galaxies.

In the meantime this may be helpful