On the question of Rules at any particular Instance. Users should read and find a compatible one

@full_Marx : an instance owner can set any rules they want and block or ban whoever they want from a technical aspect. The owners also get to decide if they wish to block their entire instance from other entire instances, again technically speaking.

Usually when a user selects an instance they do so with the intention of picking an instance that has rules and moderation policies they personally agree with. Obviously people who join an instance want to know that they will not personally be censored but also protected from others who might harass them or otherwise be unwelcome.

On this instance, QOTO, we do not ban people for being right-wing, left-wing, or for holding any particular viewpoints provided they are respectful and courteous to others.

We require users to basically be kind to each other, the most fundamental rule is to “respect a users right to disengage” In short this means if you make it clear you do not wish to interact with someone they are then obligated to leave you alone, if they don’t then action will be taken.

Statements made intending to be explicitly hateful, such as explicitly racist comments, would also be against the rules (as i said, be kind to one another). But again we won’t ban based on political views or personal opinions though.