Nov. 2019 - Site Issues Discussions : Non-English and foreign script posts


Hello everyone,

We reconvene here at the QOTO Discourse, Moderation area as suggested by @arteteco.

This thread will focus on ONE of the issues being previously discussed in the Local feed area (open to fediverse), the issue being the increasing frequency of :

  • posts in Foreign languages, some of them unknown to most of us.

  • posts that besides being in foreign languages are also written in non-Latin script (Hindi, Tamil in particular) which make it impossible to read via machine translation in browser windows.

A reminder that there are other issues (thematic discussion particularly) that we are looking at in a separate thread here - to facilitate a more focused discussion

The discussion there has been ongoing for four days at this time, so I consider important to refer to it, as many of us made good points, and we could use any insights and consensus to advance this thread’s progress.

This thread is Open to the general membership of QOTO, to read and to participate if they like. Reading can be done as guests, no account in the Discourse (this forum) is needed to read.

Anyone wishing to post a reply is invited to sign up for an account and join the discussion - and we thank you for your participation beforehand.


Previous discussions on the Foreign language issue took place in a few different threads, and has happened over the last 4 to 5 days. I will try to list some of them here, please feel free to read them for input, and to mention any other threads, with a link, so we can add to this summary.

Thank you.

Relevant topics list, in no particular order :slight_smile:

Now, I might have posted links above to certain posts in a long and rich discussion thread, which has been going on for 4 days now.

As mentioned by arteteco, there are at least two issues interlaced in it, and now we are trying to focus on one at a time – Languages in this thread.

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having mods of many languages seems to me, at this point, the only viable option.
Seems to me that the method we used, the nomination and voting of the new mods, is theoretically good but the tools given us by mastodon didn’t allow us to reach many users, or so it seemed to me. We should probably work on it, even though I can’t think of a way right now.
Something like an announcement would be so useful.

With that said, we had a few users proposing themselves as mods, as you say Karthik for Hindi and dravidic languages (Tamil etc), sphynx for Chinese, and johnlitt for german, even though I don’t think we need help with european languages we could consider it, he’s been with us for a while.

With that said, would we be ready to step up the mod team that much? Having something like a limited mod, as johnlitt suggests, could be useful indeed to keep conversations easier.

Also, as we get more and more, we should start using and following discourse more closely, IMHO.

Thanks @design_RG for the thread =)


You are welcome, arteteco!

I should point out that at this point I am not a member of Staff in Qoto, have only joined the site recently. I think Freemo’s requirement of a minimum one month on the site is good, and will be waiting for the next round of moderator election/appointment.

The fact is, mastodon has some really nice things, but it does not organize content in an easy to find way. I think of Forums as a really good tool for a local community to engage in; maybe a purely Local, not tooted out Feed will come in the near future, it would help.

Getting people to help, assist, the idea of junior or submods is available on forums, where this can be assigned to a user on a subforum basis even. There’s also the idea of Collaborators, valued users who show interest and support the community, this could be worth looking at and maybe implementing here on Qoto.

Although I don’t know how we could show that recognizance; maybe listing and honouring them in the About this instance page, along with staff team members.

I like the idea of those users watching posts in languages they know, and flagging any that are improper. For German, I don’t think I have seen any posts yet, but the offer from John is very positive, he also contributed in the previous discussion in Mastodon thread.

I think having an welcoming instance can be very positive and users will respond to the friendly tone.

Have been posting replies everytime I see a new user’s first toot, remembering mine that wasn’t long ago, and Freemo’s nicely responding to it.

I am keeping an editor open all the time, so I don’t need to type much and have the link to a good guide for mastodon ready, Copy/paste, light editing and it’s on the way.

New user guide and welcome :

Hello username, and welcome to Qoto.

Enjoy the network and all it has to offer. If you are new to using Mastodon, there’s a good guide here:

Have a good day!

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Had this idea, let me write it down before it gets overwritten by new ones!

Thinking about the users who speak other languages, and sometimes are living overseas and just enjoy practicing their native ones.

It’s delightful, and I have participated in those, in a couple of languages. Portuguese, Spanish.

Did a search and did not find any instances natively in these languages and that accepted new members.

Portuguese: seems nice, no new users. also full, invite only.

Spanish, I did a little searching and found the interesting tag #hispagatos , but its not a general discussion, more for hackers.

If we knew, listed and discussed some of those instances, maybe that would help focus the language practice and give everyone ideas.

Or invite them to post in subforums here in Discourse, clearly designated as Foreign Language, one per requested language, with a native speaker keeping an eye on the posting and discussions.

We had similar thing in a forum I participated actively in, sobforums per language for subtitle translations discussions, etc.

Any good Spanish speaking communities that you all know of?