Nomination for Moderator, Nov 2019

Today we are beginning a nomination for #QOTOs next moderator :tada:

Basically it works like this, any one of you can nominate someone from QOTO. The only restriction is the person you nominate must be an n posting account, active for at least the last month. You can even nominate yourself, but it usually looks better if you can get one or more people to nominate you, symbolically speaking.

The moderators will then select the finalists which if there is a tie the community can vote on.

So for the next 2 weeks I will be taking nominations for the moderator position, and they can discuss their views as a potential moderator. Then we can pick who lines u with QOTO Ideals,

The official thread for the November 2019 moderator nomination. Anyone wishing to cast a nomination for a moderator simply add your nomination as a reply on this topic.

I nominate


Congratulations, @mngrif! :smile:


Forum tells me the topic will automatically close in 18 hours, there were no other nominations so the champagne is due to be out soon (we bill to your account, @mngriff). :wink: :wine_glass:

Congratulations are de riguer, n’est pas? :fireworks:

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