Nomination for Moderator, June 2020

Today we are beginning a nomination for QOTOs next moderator :tada:

Same rules as always:

Basically it works like this, any one of you can nominate someone from QOTO. The only restriction is the person you nominate must be an n posting account, active for at least the last month. You can even nominate yourself, but it usually looks better if you can get one or more people to nominate you, symbolically speaking.

The moderators will then select the finalists which if there is a tie the community can vote on.

So for the next 2 weeks I will be taking nominations for the moderator position, and they can discuss their views as a potential moderator. Then we can pick who lines up with QOTOโ€™s Ideals,

The official thread for the June 2020 moderator nomination. Anyone wishing to cast a nomination for a moderator simply add your nomination as a reply on this topic.

While anyone can be nominated, and all nominations considered, the moderators have spoken and agreed that the moderator staff wants to officially nominate @sphinx for the next moderator position. You are not obligated to support our selection, please comment below either with your own nomination or if you support (or reject) sphinx and why. At the end of two weeks all nominations and comments will be considered.


I support @Sphinx and hope that having a fluent speaker of an Asian language as a moderator will broaden our horizons.


I support @Sphinx too. I liked his vision of a good instance and his anti censorship inclination


Wonderful to see the support for Sphinx โ€“ which we had discussed, we started here together.

I do Nominate our colleague, who has graciously came forward to volunteer.

A topic link to Mastodon discussions would be important, imo - documenting the talks and allowing any interested parties to follow them.

Sorry for my delayed response โ€“ have been very busy and missed this all together.


With no one opposing @sphinx and with several others in support looks like we have a new moderator. Welcome to the team sphinx!


Yes. Happy to hear that :hugs:


+1 to that too congrats to @Sphinx.


Thank you and itโ€™s an honor to join the team!


New people buy the coffee for the first week, ok ? :coffee:

Congrats, Sphinx!

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