Nomination for Moderator, December 2019

Today we are beginning a nomination for #QOTOs next moderator :tada:

Same rules as last time:

Basically it works like this, any one of you can nominate someone from QOTO. The only restriction is the person you nominate must be an n posting account, active for at least the last month. You can even nominate yourself, but it usually looks better if you can get one or more people to nominate you, symbolically speaking.

The moderators will then select the finalists which if there is a tie the community can vote on.

So for the next 2 weeks I will be taking nominations for the moderator position, and they can discuss their views as a potential moderator. Then we can pick who lines up with QOTO’s Ideals,

The official thread for the December 2019 moderator nomination. Anyone wishing to cast a nomination for a moderator simply add your nomination as a reply on this topic.

I nominate @design_RG


Thank you, I am honoured.

Qoto is a wonderful place, and I am glad to volunteer to help keep it so, add more content and keep it rocking. :slight_smile:


I also nominate @design_RG


Thank you, @Rovine.

I am honoured.


@Freemo is the boss round here so I don’t want to be seen as gainsaying his choice but I’d like to nominate @peterdrake for authoring useful high-quality STEM content.


Nomination for others is welcome. I will reach out to him and see if he is even interested in a mod position. He tends to post alot but isnt particularly actived in the community beyond that, so he may not want to be a moderator. I’ll get his thoughts.

Hello Kyle, and welcome to the Discourse forums!

I am glad you decided to join, I love Forums and think this has a great potential fo rour users here - as it complements the options of Mastodon, offering some advantages in comparison even.

I am also glad to see someone join the discussion about staff positions at the site, which is ideal in a open and participatory community.

Professor Drake is an honourable member of Qoto, and your reasonining for proposing his candidacy is valid. Hopefully you might have consulted him privately beforehand, as not everyone is willing to dedicate the time and energy to assume the duties of the job.

I think it is wonderful to have this process done the way it’s been done, and even better if there is more participation from the users in the instance.

Thank you, Kyle!

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I have contacted @peterdrake and he hasnt responded. I’ll reach out again but if he doesnt respond before the end of the day he will have to be dropped from the race.

Thread is here for reference:

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Yes, I didn’t think he would have the time to volunteer here, as he only posts occasionally.

Still, I welcome his nomination, it’s nice to see more participation in the open process. :wink:

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