New nextcloud requests: how I handle them

So, when a nextcloud request for a new user comes in, what I do is check if the username is on the mastodon instance, and if it’s there ask him if it’s him who asked for the nextcloud account.
I don’t feel like having just people signing in for nextcloud, which takes tons of resources, I’d like that to be a complementary service to the social network.

If there is an agreement, I’ll write a few lines on what you should have to be eligible for the nextcloud account.

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I agree that you could make the NextCloud account conditional on a Qoto membership – as mentioned, specially since it uses lots of storage space and data transfers, purely for private gain and enjoyment.

Would also suggest making it not only a Qoto account a requirement, but that it is an Active account.

I don’t see any gain for the community from people coming in, creating an account and never making a single post. Many, many of those; our 6,000 users number is really an unreal reflection of what activity goes in the system.

So, support and second motion for some pre-requirements for opening NextCloud accounts.

How are we in terms of PeerTube instance ? That could potentially use data storage and transport in a huge way as well.

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Thanks, hopefully I can make some useful contributions over time.


I agree with this idea too.