Markdown Interactive Tutorial -- in English, Spanish and French ! Pinafore accepts MD too

Pinafore Allows you to create and see posts with MarkDown Formatting

While Pinafore itself does not advertise it as a feature, it does provide MarkDown text formatting support – accepting all input from the user and passing it on to their instance for publishing.

If the instance is a vanilla, regular Mastodon, the software there will ignore and strip the MD formatting commands. The post will go out as plain Jane, text only as usual.

However, if the instance is one of the Glitch-Social ones (an enhanced and avant-garde version of Mastodon, with many new features) or a Pleroma one, the user entered MD commands will be applied to the text, and a rich post will be sent out to the Fediverse.

Pinafore also displays MD Formatted posts in full glory, which is wonderful – that is how they were meant to be seen!


So I decided to dig up my posts about the Tutorial from December, 2019, and add them here.

Introduction :

Bringing here a wonderful resource I found months ago - right at the time I really needed it. Starting up my first Blog, using a Write.Freely instance, and it was hard having to use the ugly and convoluted html markup tags for the simplest things.

By sheer luck, I found a post by a Spanish user, with a link to his blog introduction page and an interactive Spanish language MarkDown tutorial.

I am a Tech educator, and the tutorial is interactive and the best application of tech to learning that I have ever seen. I took the lessons and practiced, then switched over to my text editor and applied them. Revised the pages I already had made, and started new ones in plain markdown.

Geez, is it lovely! :smiley_cat:

MarkDown, do you know what it is? Learn it with Interactive Tutorial

:uk: MarkDown language is a simplified form of creating a variety of text styles. Bold, Italicized, Underline, Header (text) sizes, all in much shorter and easier commands than classic HTML Markup language.

Note the name, a play on the HTML variant.

If you speak Spanish, there are LESS resources to learn about this and other tech topics.

Found a Blog post here that explains the Basics, in Spanish, and links to another site with an interactive tutorial.

See the English version here: Interactive MarkDown Tutorial

MarkDown, ¿sabes qué es? ¡Aprende en español!

:es: El lenguaje MarkDown es una forma simplificada de crear una variedad de estilos de texto. Tamaños en negrita, en cursiva, subrayado, encabezado (texto), todo en comandos mucho más cortos y fáciles que el lenguaje de marcado HTML clásico.

Anote el nombre, una reproducción en la variante HTML.

Si habla español, hay menos recursos para aprender sobre este y otros temas tecnológicos.

Encontramos una entrada de blog aquí que explica los conceptos básicos, en español, y enlaces a otro sitio con un tutorial interactivo.

El Blog intro es ahí

Y ahí tienes un tutorial interactivo para aprenderlo – muy recomendable.

MarkDown, tu sais ce que c’est ? Apprenez-le avec un Tutoriel Interactif

:fr: Le langage MarkDown est une forme simplifiée de création d’une variété de styles de texte. Tailles audacieuses, italicisées, de souligné, d’en-tête (texte), le tout dans des commandes beaucoup plus courtes et plus faciles que le langage Markup HTML classique.

Notez le nom, un jeu de mots sur la variante HTML (markup).

Si vous parlez le Français, il ya des moins ressources pour en apprendre davantage sur ce sujet et d’autres sujets technologiques.

Trouvé un blog ici qui explique les bases, en espagnol, et des liens vers un autre site avec un tutoriel interactif.

Voir la version Française ici: Tutoriel Interactif du MarkDown

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