Long Post with Title from first line -- An idea and suggestion to Pinafore development

Posted just now in Mastodon, copied here for Reference and better presentation.

An idea and suggestion to Pinafore development.

Recently I have put together some posts, both here in Mastodon and in Blog form requesting consideration for a new way of presenting long posts. I frequently post Long Form (being a Forum veteran), and asked for:

  • a way to collapse long posts, similar to a CW warned post, leaving only one line exposed (the CW warning, here meant as an Article Title – catchy, crafted to attract readers)

  • …while leaving the Image attached to the post exposed. (which unfortunately cannot be done if a CW is used).

#Pinafore displays very neatly what I am tryign to achieve, when it encounters long posts; screenshot attached.

Suggestion for consideration :

  1. if Pinafore could check for a Single Line at the top of the post, and identify that as an intended Title.

  2. And use it in it’s post presentation as in :

"An idea and suggestion to Pinafore development. (Long Post) "

My reasoning for the collapsed text, showing image is on my blog

Thanks for considering - I know this is probably very niche oriented, but maybe there’s value?



Attachment – a mockup of what this could look like if implemented.