LifeHacker Mastodon Guide - a request for an Spanish translation

I have been recommending the very first guide to Mastodon and the Fediverse which I used when first joining here, months ago, to many new users since.

It is very good – I did a full read once again today, and it confirms my impressions all along.

And sensing the need for an equivalent, well done guide in Spanish, I decided to try and ask the author, via her posted Twitter account.

Sent this message just now, and will report on progress.

Hello Beth,

Good evening, and thank you for one of your articles which I found very helpful when I first joined the Fediverse, about 6 months ago. This one:

It was my first guide, and I found it very well written and designed, worked well for me.

And I have been recommending it ever since. I have been a moderator at sicne December and now came here to ask a question - we need a good guise like yours, in Spanish, for the many new users we get who speak Spanish as their first language.

I haven’t come across a guide at the same level as yours. Would it be possible for us to prepare a Spanish translation, with your permission?

Or any other suggestions you might have.

Thank you,


And, in 5 minutes a response already :+1: