A few links to LaTeX related Websites:-


Learning and Tutorials


I think it is worth noting that Overleaf does have 2 edit tabs, one is for typing LaTeX the other is for RTF (Rich Text Format) which means you could type your document that way, and for bold text, select and just select bold. You can switch to the LaTeX tab for fine tuning.

There are some more LaTeX related Links in the Chemistry Section.


I started out with LaTeX with software called LyX,which offers a nice GUI and handles a lot of the LaTeX stuff in the background.

This is fine for starting off. I did find a few issues longer term.

  • Saved file formats are .lyx which means the software adds it’s own file internals, this does cause comparability issues between versions
  • It does make starting out easier
  • Is good to start with but don’t get drawn in to it for longer more complex stuff

It helped be discover the power of LaTeX,

For some guides on writing with LaTeX please see Writing reports andpapers in LaTeX