Is there such a thing as Rate-My-Instance?

Idea, Fediverse.

Is there such a thing as RateMyInstance ??

Searched for a hashtag and did not find one. I think we users could take this and provide feedback, ideas to others of what our home instances are like.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly parts even. Just like the Spaghetti Western. :wink:

What you all out there think? This could be a grass roots started thing.

#RateMyInstance is needed!

#mastotips #newusers

Necer saw such a thing but I love the idea. You should make it happen!

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Being the idea originator, and being also waiting for comments from the Fediverse, on a rainy afternoon, I will get the ball rolling…

Rate My Instance - My first home on the Fediverse.

  • Instance name: QOTO,

  • Local theme, if any? Ours is declared as a STEM, science tech engineering and maths focused/friendly instance.

  • Open to new registrations? Yes, and growing at about 50 new users a day. Currently 5,300 users.

The GOOD :

A lot to say here. Starting with the fact it accepts new people, some other interesting ones are by invite only.

Being a techie and into diverse interests, QOTO seemed a nice place for me. I joined there and received a welcome reply to my shy first toot (don’t we all remember those?).

A month later, about 2300 posts from my account, and I have been nominated for a Moderator election we have running this month. I like it, and not doing this to increase our intake of users, seriously, but because I think it is a good idea.

Good things include the server being professionally hosted, backed up daily, no funding is requested from members (it runs along with the sys admin other business net presence).

We don’t have much traffic in our Local feed, surprisingly since there are 5,300 accounts atm. But that is not a bad thing. We are like a neighbourhood café, in some senses.

QOTO also has other services which people can chose to use - video, audio, a Forum, file storage. Each of those is available upon registration.

Having been an active Forum user, moderator and Staff in various sites over the years, I am enjoying the freedom of posting in Mastodon via QOTO too since it allows LONG POSTS.

Not like twitters measly 240 characters; or mastodon vanilla 500 chars. We get 65 Thousand, and that seems plenty. I have done various posts with up to 3,000 chars, abd feel really cramped in a couple other instances where I do have secondary accounts, and hard limits of 500 Chars. (definitively an Ugly in my opinion)

(Famous Last Words, sounding like Bill Gates saying nobody would need more than 1 MB of RAM for computing, lol)

The BAD :

Uhm… Not so active a Local timeline as I would like. I am doing my best to improve that, as local users can attest. And that’s without spammy posts, honest. (those wouldn’t fly long term, as we have a serious place. Ocasional banter is fine, but consistent off theme posting is a sign you maybe should be elsewhere.

NOT a General posting instance, of the anything goes kind. (although I do not consider this Bad, listing here as some people might want a generalist place)

The UGLY :

I don’t know if there’s anything to list under Ugly, other than a surprisingly low posting originating locally, for a system with over 5 Thousand users.

I will return, re-red and possibly edit this post later as I reflect upon it.

Hope you find it useful, and contribute to the #RateMyInstance movement! :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

My Overall Rating, if any ? 4.5 :star: or 9 out of 10.

Few points…

Oddly if you copare out active user count to other instances of similar size we have a pretty high ratio. I’d be curious to see how their toot count compares though.

The other things I’d like to add is we are technically a generalize instance in the sense that we dont, right now, do anything to restrict what people post about. What we do ask is our members are either STEM professionals or have a STEM focus.

So its more like an instance for members of STEM to hang out and talk about whatever they want. Though this naturally will result in a higher than usual STEM content, which is perfect/

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Thanks for add those points!

I have been surprised by the low traffic in a couple other instances I have created secondary accounts. Pity, because they are different and special in their focus, I was looking forward to interactions with people with similar interests.

Very large instances probably feel less close together, if there’s so much local posting that people rarely interact with new people outside their circle or their notifications list.

I think if we could get a conversation going and people would post their evals for their own instances, it could help people finding a better fitting one.

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Yea I’d love to see that. I only spent time on QOTO as I created it very early on in my masto career. I saw the agressive banning in M.S and quickly decided I needed a place where I could trust the moderation.

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