Introduction to Cosmology

Introduction to Cosmology

Here are some resources to help learn cosmology. They are all free!

I have tried to arrange the entries in each section in an order of ease of understanding. The entries start easy and get harder (ie more maths and physics) the lower down the section order.

There are many resources on the Internet and the lists below are just a few I found particularly helpful.

Don’t be afraid about the “big topics” of physics like General Relativity (GR). A full understanding is not required. The EdX course gradually introduces GR topics that are needed to study cosmology.

Certainly do not be afraid to get stuck into arXiv! Yes, there are very technical papers there with subjects that are seemingly incompressible. This is fine and entirely normal - and remember, even professional physicists don’t know everything and have to research things!

It’s part of the fun and joy of learning.

Above all, have fun and enjoy!

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Cool, thanks for this, will try and check this out.